How it works

Slimsticks is a supplement that is dissolved
in liquid and then consumed as a drink.

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Slimsticks contains konjac glucomannan*. An EFSA approved ingredient that works by helping you stay full, eat smaller portions and therefore you consume fewer calories - leading to weight loss.

Slimsticks process timeline

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Once Slimsticks is consumed


Empty one sachet into a glass and add approx 100 - 150ml of water - stir well and drink straight away, followed by a further 2 glasses of water (500 ml in total). This will get the konjac glucomannan going and start to work.


Ensure you drink plenty of water/liquid throughout the day to ensure Slimsticks is working for you.

This is a physical reaction and not a placebo effect
After 3-4 hours the palm and oats oils get to work


Each sachet of Slimsticks contains at least 1g of konjac glucomannan - by taking 3 Slimsticks per day and drinking 2 litres of liquid (very important) you will maximise Slimsticks effectiveness. Note: 1g of konjac glucomannan takes up to 1 litre of water to fully hydrate it.


The konjac glucomannan in Slimsticks is a soft fibre and so passes through you in the normal way. Additionally Slimsticks contains chicory root fibre which also helps with a feeling of fullness adding to Slimsticks effectiveness.

Slimsticks then finally digests through your colon
The two phases are independent but also work together as part of a healthy eating plan


Continue to take 1 Slimsticks 20 minutes before meal times.


By drinking plenty of water konjac glucomannan will gently expand in the stomach, providing you with a sense of fullness during the day.

Drink 2 glasses of water to ensure the Konjac reaches your stomach faster
Continued liquid intake keeps the konjac glucomannan expanding, making you feel fuller for longer


Slimsticks will not stop you eating but it will help you eat less. It takes around 3-5 days before you start to feel the effectiveness. Remember keep drinking plenty of liquids (ideally water).


What’s more Slimsticks is caffeine free and has no adverse side effects. It is also high in fibre.

What’s more Slimsticks is caffeine free and has no adverse side effects