Your questions are important to us

COVID-19: Do you still have stock?

Yes we currently have plenty of both Slimsticks flavours in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

COVID-19: Will my delivery be delayed?

We use Royal Mail for all of our deliveries. Any order that is placed before 2pm will be despatched the same day.

COVID-19: I have a question about my order and need to contact someone

Please use our contact form or our freephone number 0800 622 6139

COVID-19: Can customers catch coronavirus from the mail?

Public Health England has advised that there is no perceived increase in risk of contracting the new coronavirus for handling post or freight from specified areas. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels.

COVID-19: What are you doing to help?

We take the wellbeing of our employees very seriously. In line with guidance from Public Health England, we are advising colleagues that good hand hygiene is the first and most important line of defence.

Is is okay to take Slimsitcks if I have diabetes?

Yes, as Slimsticks are under 5% sugar content. As with any medical condition we would always suggest that if you are in any doubt you should always check with a health professional.

What happens if I accidentally take more than the recommended dose?

There should be no problem but if you do take too much you may feel uncomfortable. We would suggest drinking plenty of liquid to make sure Slimsticks fully hydrates. Do not drink more than the recommended guidelines on drinking fluids.

Can I take more the the recommended dose to initially kick start my diet?

Research suggests that taking more than three sachets a day will not increase the likelihood of losing weight quicker. However by taking 4 Slimsticks per day clinical studies show that the Konjac in Slimsticks can help to lower cholesterol.

Should you seek medical advice first if you suffer from any gastro, stomach/ digestion problems?

Yes, if you have any doubts please consult your GP or health professional before taking any dietary supplements.

If I don’t like the taste of Slimsticks can I mix this into anything i.e. in soups, cereals and casseroles?

Instead of mixing Slimsticks with water try using either skimmed milk or Soya milk which works too. This way it tastes more like a milkshake. You can also add Slimsticks to your porridge but you will need to add extra liquid when you are making it.

If I consume more than 2 litres of water a day, would Konjac have any adverse effect on my stomach?

No, but you should not drink more than the recommended guidelines on drinking fluids.

Would the occasional over indulgence of alcohol have any adverse side affect with Slimsticks?

No, in fact as alcohol is a liquid, it will help expand the Slimsticks. You may even drink less as you will feel full. However it is not advisable to use alcohol as a liquid to take Slimsticks. Use water.

There are similar diet products claiming they contain ingredients that work similar to Slimsticks. How does Slimsticks differ to any other product?

Slimsticks was the first company to launch a weight management product using konjac back in october 2012. And slimsticks originally launched in 2010. Slimsticks develops its own formulations and with over 200 types of Konjac we feel we are leaders in this field. Slimsticks typically uses 2 types of Konjac in each Slimstick to ensure maximum benefits. We also add chicory root fibre to aid the feeling of fullness.

Can I take Slimsticks while pregnant?

Slimsticks is safe to take while pregnant but you should seek advice from your GP or a health professional before starting any diet.

I am taking Slimsticks whilst breast feeding and worried Slimsticks may suppress my baby’s appetite?

Slimsticks will not affect your baby but if you are thinking of taking Slimsticks while breast feeding it is best to consult your GP or a health professional first. Generally, you should not be dieting whilst breast feeding.

Can children who have medically been diagnosed as obese take Slimsticks? If so, what is the recommended age?

We don’t recommend children under 16 years take Slimsticks.

Will Slimsticks help me manage my weight?

Yes, Slimsticks will be of great benefit to you in managing your weight – whether it is to lose weight or to keep the weight off.

Does Slimsticks have any side effects?

No, taking the recommended amount (three sachets per day) will give no adverse side effects.

Does Slimsticks contain sugar?

Slimsticks does not contain sugar. We use a tiny amount of Sucralose for sweetness.

Does Slimsticks contain any stimulants?

No, unlike some other diet products, Slimsticks contains no caffeine or other stimulants, so it will not cause any nervousness or jitters.

What if I forget to take Slimsticks?

No problem, just take it with your next meal, ideally breakfast or lunch.

Is Slimsticks suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, Slimsticks is suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes.

Do I have to worry about unexpected side effects if I eat oily, fatty foods while taking Slimsticks?

No there is no negative interaction when you mix Slimsticks with fatty foods.

Does Slimsticks have any calories?

One sachet of Slimsticks contains just 22 calories.

How much water should I drink?

Drinking your recommended daily allowance of two litres of fluid a day will help hydrate and expand the Slimsticks, keeping you feeling full, stopping you from snacking and helping you to eat less.