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Slimsticks allows you to take control of
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We eat in portions and over the last few decades portions have become distorted and this is taking its toll on our waistbands. But it isn't just that portions are getting bigger. Most of us, find it hard to know how much we should be eating of everyday foods like breakfast cereals, bread, rice, pasta, tuna or chicken.

So, how much is too much in terms of calories per portion?
That's where Slimsticks Portion Gallery can help. Simply, it helps to give a clear idea of 'normal' serving sizes and will help you get to grips with what you are really eating!

Why not try it out now and see whether what you're eating is the right sized portion!

Did you know?

Just an extra 200 calories over the daily recommended intake adds up to an extra of 73,000 calories in 12 months? That's a potential weight gain of around 1st and 4lbs (39.6kg)!

Back in the 1980's, the average scone weighed around 50g and provided 151 calories. Now from a typical high street coffee shop it can tip the scales at 190g and a whopping 600 calories.