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It's all too easy to give in to hunger pangs or eat too much at meal times when you're dieting. And before you know it, the pounds have crept back on.


Well, thanks to Slimsticks from Inovate Health, there's an effective new way to stay on track with your diet or weight-loss programme. And, with Slimsticks, you can still enjoy the foods you love, and have a healthy diet.

Slimsticks is a natural weight-loss and weight-management aid that is proven to control your appetite and help you feel fuller during the day.

As a result, by taking Slimsticks, you eat up to 29% fewer calories a day. And coupled with regular exercise, it will help you lose more weight.

That means if you are on a sensible diet and exercise plan, for every 1lb you lose each week, you could safely lose up to an extra 1lb with Slimsticks. What's more, Slimsticks will help you keep the weight off without any extra effort.

There's great news for your health, too, as Slimsticks is completely natural, has no side effects, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

And at under £1 per sachet, Slimsticks will not break the bank - RRP £29.99 for a pack of 30.

So if you want to lose weight, Slimsticks can help you:

  • achieve a healthy diet
  • stick to diets more easily
  • get slim and stay slim, while still enjoying the foods you love
  • stop yo-yo dieting

NOTE: Before embarking on any diet or weight-loss plan always seek the advice of your GP, registered dietitian or nutritionist.

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